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Sleepy Hollow (Spoilers)

The advance buzz I've seen on this pilot was that it was totally crazy and over-the-top ridiculous but in a totally fun and watchable way. And I'm inclined to agree. They crammed a ton of bizarre ideas and backstory into this with admirable efficiency, and somehow it kinda works. In particular, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are very appealing leads with good chemistry. I'm not a huge fan of this genre -- or rather, of several of the genres this is a mash-up of -- but it's still fun and I think I'll stick around.

My main disappointment is that Clancy Brown and John Cho were only around so briefly. And I think a lot of Cho's material was cut. It wasn't clear why he arrested Crane -- it seems like a bit about Abby describing the killer as wearing old clothes or something must've been cut -- and at the climax he suddenly evinced a romantic interest in Abby that hadn't been hinted at before as far as I saw.
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