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Re: The hate at "Genesis"

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
I like Genesis, don't care about the science in it.

I don't think that in any episode the concept of evolution has been used correctly. There is no path forwards or backwards, you cannot suddenly evolve or de-evolve.
Especially if you're de-evolving into something a human being never was in the first place.

The episode is an embarrassment. Suspension of disbelief can only take one so far. The topper is Bevery cracking jokes at the end. What, I'm responsible for the violent death of Ensign Noname? Don't worry about it, we'll just push the reset button even before the episode ends.

I guess it's a fun episode to watch the way an Ed Wood movie is fun to watch.
Isolinear wrote: View Post
Yes the science is flawed, but it's still a fun episode. A Star Trek episode with 100% correct science? HA! Doesn't exist!
The story of Genesis in the Bible is more scientifically accurate than Braga's episode of the same name.
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