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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

Good points, but you also have to consider the cost of most pickup shots like this, inserts and cutaways of hands and objects, don't require the presence of costly on-screen talent OR a large crew; they can be picked up easily and quickly in most instances, and even for special rigging (like say the MI tape recorders), you're not tying up significant resources while shooting it.

By way of comparison, look at TMP vs TWOK (and I wasn't the first one to write about this; I think BEST OF TREK or ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS did an article about this 30 years ago); TWOK is absolutely loaded with interesting cutaways (and a few lameass ones), whereas TMP's are pretty much limited to full-frame viewscreen/monitor shots. Yet TWOK obviously was done much more economically. So while there are lots of factors that drive the cost on any given show, using a plethora of insert shots are not typically a significant factor.

Note I'm not talking about the 'we need a montage' type sequence, which usually DOES require plenty of lead performer shooting and even some elaborate camera moves. Those are certainly quite costly.
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