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Re: Your top 10 moments...

10. TWOK "I don't like to lose."

9. The Search for Spock "My God, Bones. What have I done?"

8. The Search for Spock "Jim. You're name is Jim."

7. Sybok "cures" McCoy and Spock -- the shining light in a turd of a movie.

6. "It never occurred to me to take Gorkon at his word." Kirk finally realizes that he has been wrong and prejudiced while still sitting in jail.

5. The first 10 minutes of Star Trek (2009). The death of Kirk's father, the birth of James T. How he got his name, and Nero is truly ominous in his most terrifying and effective scenes in the movie. It had me pumped in the movie theater. Upon review, not one of the better Trek films, but those scenes make it worthwhile.

4. The trial scene in Star Trek VI. I can do it verbatim. James T. Kirk finally has all of his crap thrown back at him. His hatred, his decision to rescue Spock. He finally faces some consequences. Chang is marvelous as he's lying to the audience. He is a great orator, and the scene's pace, from very slow and brooding to fiery makes it one of the best I have seen.

3. Picard saying "How old are you?" to Anij to Geordi looking at the sunset. This movie did some actual exploring. Not just exposition of the mouse trap we have the Enterprise crew in, but we explore the culture of the Ba'ku. Geordi drives home what Picard and crew will be leaving behind--his eyesight and curing disease. It's subtle, poignant, and it's like water for a dying man who's tired of having earth or the Enterprise in peril.

2. Spock crying in The Motion Picture. Spock has some of the best lines in the movie, describing the problem with V'Ger and what V'Ger seeks. But the single tear down the cheek is still one of my favorite moments. People forget, because they have seen the movie, that Spock wasn't trusted in this one. He was on a personal quest, one that set up nicely to show him at peace in TWOK.

1. The Death of Spock--The emotional climax and epilogue of The Wrath of Khan still brings me to tears when I watch it. There's so much history between these two characters and we have a chance to say goodbye to Spock, something left undone when they killed Data.
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