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Re: No Radiation Suits In The 23rd Century?

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It need keep him alive on Ceti Alpha 5 when it turned to shit. His wife who did not have magic blood died, yet he's wandering around and is ripped as hell. Now we know why, he has magic blood. That's canon.
Okay if the prime universe Khan had super blood, then when his wife invaded by the ceti eel, why didn't he provide her with a injection/transfusion of his blood?

And why did nineteen of the other superfriends die from the eel?

The blood Khan has may be unique. The others may not have had its regenerative properties. Khan was a leader, after all. That's one possible explanation.

Another is that even with superblood, no one is immortal or invulnerable. Any number of things could have happened on a planet with such a volatile environment as Ceti Alpha V.

As for Ms. McGivers, for all we know, Khan had no idea his blood had that kind of regenerative capability.

Then again, perhaps Khan let her die because she wasn't strong enough to survive. He did see weakness as a failing.

Really, there are any number of explanations for these events.
No. If TWOK Khan had super blood he would have fared better when Kirk blasted Reliant's bridge. Or recovered noticeably during the Genesis countdown sequence. Just no.
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