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^I just ordered "Verdigris." I'm waiting for it to arrive now.

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Ten Little Aliens is really difficult to read, especially the chapter where it all goes Choose Your Own Adventure.
Really? That was my favorite part. In fact, I read that section several times just to make sure I got every version of events. (Admittedly, Polly & Frog are really the only 2 with anything interesting to say. There's a real poetry to their sections. The others are more just explanations of what happened.)

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Last of the Gaderene is awesome and great fun in the Pertwee era.
I'm currently working on it. It's not nearly as perfect as "Harvest of Time" but it seems like a solid entry so far.

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Fear of the Dark isn't so great though it does have some interesting guest characters.
I have 3 words to describe this one: "Really fucking dark!" Trevor Baxendale does a great job of throwing the Doctor into some really bleak situations where lots of good people die cruelly & pointlessly. Baxendale's "Prisoner of the Daleks" feels downright cheery next to this one.
It's not a perfect story. There are some sections that feel a bit repetitive and the bad guy seems way too overpowered to ever be defeated, until, at the end, he is in a rather anti-climactic fashion.

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Players is awesome. The Sixth Doctor on an adventure with Winston Churchill. Lots of historical stuff tied into this one.
Yeah. I love me some historical Terrance Dicks. The Players in this story also show up in the 2nd Doctor novel "World Game" where they try to interfere with the outcome of the Napoleonic Wars. And I recently bought "Timewyrm: Exodus," which seems to involve an alternate history where the Nazis won WWII.

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Earthworld is okay, though I suspect it might mean more if I were familiar with the Eighth Doctor's novel continuity.
I was kinda surprised that they picked "Earthworld" as the 8th Doctor book for the 50th anniversary series. Firstly, there's lots of references to stuff that happened in previous 8th Doctor books. Plus, the Doctor himself seems like a peripheral character at times. Fitz & Anji dominate most of the story. But it is a very funny book. There's a great nod to "The War Machines" in here. And I've been seriously thinking about Anji's suggestion that she get a t-shirt that says, "I'm a main character. Don't kill me."
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