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Re: The most liked episode of DS9: Season 4

The winner with 15 out of 28 votes (53.57%) is...

The Visitor

Here is a scene from the episode as posted by on Father's Day five years ago:

Some interesting facts from Memory Alpha:

•Writer Michael Taylor based the concept of a fan visiting a reclusive writer who hasn't published in years on the famous 1980 interview given by J. D. Salinger to a high school student who simply turned up at his door. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)

•O'Brien was to also appear in the scenes set in the future, although Colm Meaney was unavailable. (Captains' Logs Supplemental - The Unauthorized Guide to the New Trek Voyages p 106)

•Illustrator John Eaves based the design for Jake's house on the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. (Deep Space Nine Sketchbook: John Eaves, DS9 Season 4 DVD special features)

•Director David Livingston says simply, ""The Visitor" is the best piece of material I've ever been able to direct, in terms of the script." (Hidden File 05, DS9 Season 4 DVD special features) Ira Steven Behr says, ""The Visitor" was that certain kind of Star Trek episode that really appealed very strongly to certain people. It's a whole heart-on-the-sleeve, sentimental, emotional, personal story." Similarly, producerSteve Oster enthuses, "It was wonderfully written, wonderfully performed. But I think everyone was surprised at the audience reaction. No one expected it to have the emotional impact that it did." (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)

•In a 1996 issue of TV Guide, it was voted the best Star Trek show ever.

•Rachel Robinson, who played old Jake's visitor, is Andrew Robinson's daughter.

•Jake began writing Anslem, under Onaya's influence later in the season, in "The Muse".

•The shot in the upper pylon, with Jake staring out into space, and Kira approaching him from behind to comfort him, seems to predict the very final shot of the series, in the episode "What You Leave Behind". The only difference is that the shot in the final episode is from outside the station whereas this one is from inside. Despite the difference in camera position however, the blocking of the actors is very similar in both shots.
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