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Politics/Controversial Topics, Game Threads, Misc FAQ - READ THIS!

First of all, Welcome!

(or Welcome Back, if that's the case!)

For those of you completely new to the board, Misc is the place for all those topics that don't neatly fit into the other forums. As you can see reading down the list, we often have quirky, funny, moving and downright random threads co-existing. It's a good place - enjoy it!

Second, I would particularly advert you to a few FAQs:

1) What happened to TNZ?

TNZ (The Neutral Zone) - a forum for heated debate, with a looser set of rules than the rest of the board - is now a hidden forum.

To see it and join in the debates, you can request access in your User CP. Click User CP then Group Memberships. Or click here to go there directly.

Conversely if you wish to remove your access from TNZ you can do so on that page.

TNZ is a useful forum for subjects that may raise strong passions and equally strong opinions, such as politics and religion.

2) My hello thread got locked/moved! Why did you do that?

We get a lot of new members joining us in any given day, so a separate welcome thread for each of you in Misc would rapidly overwhelm the forum. Instead, we now have a pinned Welcome New Members thread at the top of Misc!

That's the thread to say Hi and for all of us barflys to say welcome. It's not for incessant chat between regulars though. So don't spam it up. Keep it welcoming for the newbies!

There's also an exclusive Red Shirt Lounge in the Ten Forward section of the board for new guys and gals to chat with each other without the old folk watching over your shoulder, if you want to!

3) I want to link to a really funny YouTube video - is that OK?

Of course. But there are so many videos floating around the internet, some on YouTube, some on other sites, that we can't really have Misc overwhelmed by lots of threads on each individual video. So we have a Video Thread instead. Currently it's pinned to the top of the forum. It's the right thread for any short video clip, esp. the funny ones.

One thing more on this issue - rarely, if the video has a separate, truly legitimate discussion point beyond "check out this funny clip!", we let the topic run as an individual thread of its own, at least for a while. Use basic common sense on this point, please! Moderating staff can and will make a judgement call as to whether videos merit a thread of their own, so don't be surprised if your video thread is locked. Rule of thumb? Use the aggregated Video Thread!

OK, enough FAQs...

Just get stuck in with posting and you'll soon find out we're a pretty friendly and laidback bunch.

Happy posting everyone!

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I know this is long. You need to read it anyhow. If not, don't blame me when I warn you, OK? I will post it in separate sections in this thread.

Issue #1. Inappropriate Content:

I have had multiple complaints lately from women on our BBS about the tone in this (and sometimes other) forums. Some women feel unwelcome and uncomfortable on parts of the board, due to a very nasty tendency of some men (note the "some") to express themselves in a way that makes women uncomfortable.

Hell, I'm thick-skinned, due to growing up with a rather vulgar brother, but after reading some of what I read, while I'm not uncomfortable, I'm angry.

Here are some examples from a nasty little thread. Bear in mind that over time, I've seen equally ugly little comments in other threads, about men wanting to "do" women and such. But so you can see what I find problematic, here is a sampling of some sexist crap:

(Warning, this is some unpleasant stuff. Be prepared before you read.)

Nobody's scared of the racist little bitch.
watch me as I rape your face.
Responding to that:

Photo captions for pic of Palin: and
Any tighter and we'd be in camel toe territory. that body is wasted on her.
"must not fap"
This was all FROM ONE THREAD.

I don't want to EVER see this kind of crap in Misc again. It is DRIVING off women, making the female mods uncomfortable (and me angry, since I always have to be different :/ ) and making those who are saying this look like they're sexist with no respect for women.

Is that what you want to show?

Now if you do this in the Wild-West TNZ, that's one thing. People know what they're in for there and can opt out.

But no more in Misc. It ends NOW.

Don't say sexist things like this. Don't say CREEPY things when women post their photos or say things in Misc. Don't do it.

Because it will be warned from here on out.

Next part: Misc-TNZ and Politics.
T'Bonz wrote: View Post
2. Misc-TNZ and Politics:

Misc is NOT TNZ. Discussion is to be civil in here.

Civil means just that. It means NO INSULTING.

The Sarah Palin thread is a perfect example of why I did not want politics in Misc. Because what happened was that while some actually discussed the politics and why they liked/disliked Palin (and it could just as well been Hillary, Obama, Bush, take your pick) too many turned it into insults.


Acceptable: I don't like Sarah Palin because she was a hypocrite." (giving the reason why you feel she was hypocrite.) OR "I don't like Obama because he is not keeping his promise" (again giving a reason.)


- Palin is a jackass.
- Obama is a jackass

Neither are discussion. Both are insults. This is not the place for insults. If you need to attack a politician personally (not the politics or what he/she has done, but a personal attack,) that is NOT for Misc. That type of discussion may occur in TNZ.

If you want politics in here, this is how it will be. The mods will warn you if you get personal like you have been with political stuff.

You MAY still post political stuff. You may not post things which are insulting a person, not their policy and you may not say sexist or racist things.

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