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UT:TFV – Part III – Infinities Unbound (Chapter 4)

Chapter Four

* * *

Captain’s Personal Log.

The board is set; all the pieces are in place for the coming contest. Europa is as ready as we can make her, and the crew is single-minded in their focus on the mission ahead. I wish I were as well… but I’m plagued by doubts and fears of what lies in wait for us. My concern isn’t merely for the crew, but for what failure on our part could mean for the Alpha Quadrant.

Standing on my own two feet, responsible for none but myself, I am undeniably formidable. This isn’t hubris, but hard fact underscored by my still drawing breath after everything the universe has thrown at me. Yet, I feel as though I must expand beyond myself and spread all that I am into an impossibly thin layer in an effort to encompass and protect this ship and crew. In so doing, I become vulnerable. Decades of refusing promotion, of deferring responsibility, all to avoid this damning weakness that now consumes me.

The system and situation we’re heading for are promising, obviously, but something deep in my marrow tells me that we’ll find Donald there with his warrior clan. I’m not sure how or why, but it’s a sense of certainty that I’m unable to shake.

Even if we locate him, will anything remain of the man I remember… of my friend? I fear that I may find him only to discover he has become as twisted by the Amon as Ramirez has been by the Baron. And if so, what then? Could I bring myself to destroy Donald Sandhurst?

Deities, I can’t even bring myself to say the word in reference to him… me, of all people!
Kill. Will I be able to kill the only true friend I’ve known in the last hundred years?

Before this confrontation… this Dark Contact, I must put my house in order. I have neglected members of my senior staff, some out of convenience, and others out of anger. We must form a united front if we are to survive the Amon, and that effort begins with me.

End Entry

* * *
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