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Re: STiD, Kirk and the Abrams Team

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Since when was Star Trek an ideology? The last time I checked, it was a television show and a series of movies. It would help if die-hard Abrams haters actually elaborated upon terms and phrases such as the 'philosophy of Trek' and 'Gene's vision'.

For what it's worth, I think that STID dealt with a lot of contemporary political and social issues, including the morality of preventative/preemptive war and unmanned drone strikes, the rights and wrongs of terrorism, and the security v liberty nexus.
Apparently Trek became a religion shortly before Abrams took over, that's why his changes are treated like rebooting the Bible by some fans.

Also for what it's worth, I think that STID dealt with ideas that we should explain and was a lot more critical of our civilization than any other Trek movie or show has ever been. Usually they paint a guy white and black then use it as an example of how wrong and silly racism is and how Earth doesn't do that anymore. STID took the high and mighty Federation and showed them doing terrible things for the greater good.

We needed that because we see ourselves as the heroes, not the silly primitive aliens with funny foreheads. But we're doing some terrible things and we ignore it because we want to see ourselves as the heroes instead of the country that sends drones to kill people and wind up killing a lot of innocent people. That's not who we're supposed to be and we need to stop.
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