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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

I know the reasoning behind these things isn't nearly as important as their sculptural interest, but I have to say that a torpedo that can't guide itself in a universe with computers advanced enough to track every single untrackable subatomic particle in your body when its being transported... it just doesn't make sense. Those things would probably be able to think their way to a target, as I'm sure targeted weapons will be able to do very shortly in our own reality.

As for that giant coil -- get rid of it if you must, or keep it if you can. But as a little aside, it is very reminiscent of the integration of the linear intermix chamber and torpedo apparatus originally laid out for the TMP ship by David Kimble.

I haven't posted much in this thread, but let me just take this opportunity to note that this is the first post-TMP ship I've seen that manifests the same regard for sculptural interest and yet retains restraint in quantities reminiscent of both that design and Matt Jefferies' original. And yet you have managed to make it fit with canon designs that didn't go in that direction. I'm impressed, and will continue to follow this thread with great interest.
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