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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

vulcan2k3 said:
What I never understood is how can a weapon system such as the Photon Torpedo launchers be aimed when the tubes are perfectly straight and stationary? You'd have to aim the entire ship directly at the target. It made sense to me that the launchers should be able to rotate at least a little to the left/right and up/down at least a little so that aiming could be possible. Perhaps you could incorporate an aiming gimbal into the launchers?
You know, I was initially inclined to reject this idea, but another thought just occurred to me... As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I'm having a problem with the bulkiness of the torp launcher assemblies, not so much in their current locations above and below the main deflector, but looking ahead to the other locations where I intend to mount more of them. I could always make the other locations less bulky but how then to explain the difference? It just now occurs to me that the difference could be that the ones I've already modeled are, essentially, gimbal mounted turret launchers while the others are all fixed.

Now, I personally look at photon and quantum torpedoes in the Star Trek universe as analogous to today's submarine fired torpedoes. They come out of a tube with a fixed orientation and begin tracking their target from there. We've seen torpedoes do this in Star Trek, most notably in the final battle against the Bird of Prey in Star Trek VI. In reality, starships would probably engage each other at distances of thousand or hundreds of thousands of kilometers, not within spitting distance as was usually portrayed, so guided torpedoes would be almost a necessity. However, in those cases where engagements occur at very close range, an aimable turret launcher could be quite useful, even if only one or two of them had that capability.

So, I'm now rethinking the launcher design yet again. I could probably leave the mounting recesses pretty much unchanged, but I'll have to make some modifications to the launcher assembly to reflect a gimbal mounted turret. Fortunately and serendipitously, I'm already a good part of the way there. :thumbsup:
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