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Re: TOS Caption Contest #277: That Which Captions

Kirk: She said she had to wash her hair...but the next day it was still done up in that braided contraption!
Bones: We're starving and surrounded by predatorial humanoids, Jim. Give your Yeoman fetish a rest!

Computer: Pingpingpingpingping....
Scotty: Trouble alert.
Computer: Beepboopbeepboopbeepboop....
Scotty: System failure alert.
Computer: You get a shiver in the dark, it's raining in the park, but meantime:
South of the river, you stop and you hold everything....

Scotty: Dire Straits alert.
Spock: Notify me if it goes to Hanson Alert.

Kirk: You call this a man cave?
Spock: I detect no sign of refreshments, Captain.

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