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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
No offense, but I believe there is a half-written law in starship design according to which antimatter pods are to be located in sections aboard a ship from where these can easily be ejected in case of antimatter confinement failure - and ejecting an antimatter pod assembly right in front of a high-energetic deflection beam looks like a very bad idea.
None taken, and this is something I started thinking about when 137th asked the question, but didn't want to bring up yet. The other thing to take into consideration, besides the highly energetic nature of the deflector dish, is that if the ship is moving forward, the laws of physics are going to push the pods back into the deflector as they're ejected, unless they're going to be ejected with such force that they rush away from the ship too quickly for this to happen.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
I'm getting increasingly suspicious that some participating in this thread are (deliberately?) unaware of the official TMP Enterprise cutaway, drawn by David Kimble who also drew the Official TMP Blueprints, both items have been authenticated and approved by Andrew Probert.

The cutaway shows the "antimatter pods" at the bottom part of the engineering hull (that was the text annotation of the first TMP print of this magnificent cutaway). It stands to reason (we are still in the 23rd Century for starters?) that the space for these pods aboard the Excelsior will take up an equal amount of space in relation to the overall size.

So while we are discussing possible intermix shaft structures I fail to notice that the space required by the antimatter pods or the matter tanks is even an issue, but one, IMHO, that needs to be addressed first before doing these interesting schematics.
A very valid point. However, it's well recorded via interviews with Mr. Probert on the IDIC page that back when he designed the ship (and possibly when that official cutaway was done) that he was unclear on the specific details of the ship's functions. I don't think this rules out the possibility of a reactor down there somewhere. Also, it's rather convenient we don't get a good look in the nacelles, isn't it?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
As for the practical location of the antimatter pods to be jettisoned in case of an emergency I can only see the bottom of the engineering hull (TMP Enterprise style) or the humpback between the nacelles (Crazy Eddie proposal?), but most definitely not in front of the nav deflector...
Fair enough. Of course, it prompts me to this question - should the pods be ejectable? As you said, it is the 23rd century. Maybe they're simply not, and the "best" location is one where the odds are that they won't be hit by weapons fire?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
I have been suggesting (obviously in vain) that we should first try to figure out what some of the Excelsior structures are (like this unusual connecting neck which really looks like the proverbial sore thumb) or what these are not before concerning ourselves with interior details.
Not in vain at all, sir.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
The only lead I can offer here is a similar but significantly smaller structure at the stern of the TMP Enterprise's connecting dorsal which reads "photon exhaust".

And while I agree that the TOS Enterprise had antimatter in the nacelles, I can't see any hint in the Kimble cutaway other than the bottom of the engineering hull.

Considering that the front of the Enterprise's, Reliant's and Stargazer's nacelles had these "space-energy/matter sinks" I wouldn't exclude the possibility that the M/AM reaction for the warp drive occurs in the nacelles (or elsewhere in the shaft where and when required) but the actual location for the antimatter pods has been pretty much settled by Kimble and Probert so I don't see the necessity for second-guessing.
If the pods are in the secondary hull itself, then perhaps this works. Perhaps the shaft pumps antimatter up to the engines, where matter taken in through the intakes reaches a "critical mass" with the antimatter, resulting in drive plasma being created, and then energizing the engines. In turn, plasma comes back down and is routed to the deflection crystal.

B.J. wrote: View Post
To me, it looks more reminiscent of the glowing shuttlebay openings on the aft of the Reliant.
Ah, thanks for pointing that out... the Reliant's bay doors did indeed glow.
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