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Re: Shinzon's motives

Oh, I like the movie. A fellow long time Trek nerd friend and I rewatched it this summer and I have to admit, it was far more entertaining to me than ever. Lots of stupid moments, sure. Still, there was enough fun and entertainment in this flick to make it worth 2 hours... that still doesn't make Shinzon's motives any clearer. Perhaps he should have spent more time on his efficient revenge fantasy and less on his fashion: I don't think the navy and purple Reman shoulder pads helped. We were laughing at him. I'll bet Q was even laughing at him.

Some of the best questions about his motives were never answered. It would have been interesting to see Shinzon attack Picard, but then have Picard and Shinzon work together to find out how/why he was created and THEN have him turn on Picard. You know, because he's a villain and all. Why not use Picard for that?

Shinzon's page at Memory Alpha is really interesting. This is what I found intriguing:
"In his foreword to J.M. Dillard's novelization of the film, screenwriter John Logan says that he based the name "Shinzon", as well as all the other Reman and Romulan names in the story on ancient Chinese names, in homage to Gene Roddenberry's creation of the Romulans as an analog to 1960's Communist China."

I thought they were a homage to Romans.
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