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Re: Most Upsetting Bond Movie Deaths (SPOILERS)

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Watching through YOLT on DVD again recently, I still think the emotional impact of Aki's death is underrated, but it doesn't help that the movie feels very fast paced for a 1960s movie, seemingly forgetting about her (maybe there should've been more breathing space, to let the impact of her death set in, like have a silently brooding Bond in the castle grounds watch Tiger's staff wheel away Aki's body in a shroud or body bag as the sun rises, before it cuts to the silly ninja training stuff and sham wedding).
I read some production notes for that film that stated that the two actresses cast for Kissy and Aki spoke no English prior to being cast in the film. I think part of the problem with developing either character was their limited understanding of English, which can understandably make it difficult to convey any kind of emotion to an English speaking viewer.
There was at least one interview with YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE personnel in which it was revealed the actress playing Kissy was relatively experienced. I don't recall similar mention of Aki's actress. Her character died earlier before Kissy showed up.
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