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Chuck Finley
Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

I think Jesse is not completely innocent in all of this and he has made bad decisions (like working with the police), but Hank was just doing his job. It's not Walt's fault for Hank's death, but Walt shouldn't we working with, you know, Nazis. Jesse did break the number one rule though, you don't involve cops. I think even Mike would be pissed about that. Jesse should have just walked away or gone after Walt himself. Emotion is driving every single character, but we've seen that despite the emotion, Walt has many tricks up his sleeve. I hope we see one more cool chemistry related splosion' or something.

On a side note, I liked how he rolled the barrel all the way to the Indian guy's house, it reminded me of first season antics. I almost hoped/thought the Indian was actually a Salamanca. The first thing I thought of was the turtle with a head on it.
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