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Re: Where are the toys?

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No that's not the case at all, the Kre-o STID toys are out but no one wants them. The main complaint is that they are low quality etc, so I heard. I think toys r us mostly sells them and that by itself says a lot, toys r us used to be the #1 toy store but now they've fallen far from their once great position. I could have easily bought them but I only bought the Venqeance.
At my nearest Toys R Us, they couldn't keep them--particularly, the deluxe Enterprise--in stock for very long. They did sell out fairly quickly there when they initially arrived, with only the Klingon ship available for awhile.

As far as the #1 toy store, Walmart wins solidly in regards to sales by virtue of being the biggest general retailer and being able to blackmail--um, I mean demand--greater discounts from manufacturers than Toys R Us can.

There is no #1 toy store now...
It depends on how you look at it. Toys R Us is indeed the biggest actual toy store chain (as in specializing in toys), but Walmart sells more toys by volume.
Target and Walmart are in perpetual battle for the #1 spot,
It's actually (by share of the toy retail market):
#1 Walmart (30%)
#2 Toys R Us (18%)
#3 Target (17%)
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