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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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And yet there's some kind of record of these "off the record" phone calls?
Indeed. This is what the book has to say about the issue:

With only a few days left before the start of production, Gene Coon began receiving off the record phone calls suggesting that either Janet MacLachlan be replaced with a white actress or that the script be changed to remove the last of the scenes that depicted sexual or romantic interest between Lazarus #1 and Charlene Masters. (p.414)
There's no memo cited to support this claim (and when I perused the files for this episode at UCLA, I certainly didn't see anything backing this up). There's no interview cited as a source, either. However, it's not presented as the author's conjecture, speculation, or anything of that sort. We're to read this as fact.

Earlier, the author presents a memo from Roddenberry to Coon pointing out that:

In both 'Space Seed' and this story, we have a crew woman madly in love with a brawny guest star and flipping our whole gang into a real mess because she is in they have to do [this] in two of our scripts? (p.413)
To this, the author says:

Roddenberry wasn't suggesting 'The Alternative Factor,' first to film, be altered. His criticism had more to do with 'Space Seed' using the same plot device. (p.413)
This is a fine bit of speculation, but the memo being quoted doesn't actually indicate one way or another. I think, ultimately, that both are cases of the author passing off his conjecture as fact. Considering the back of the book hides under the cover of it being "a work of journalism," I have to strongly question the author's credibility.
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