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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Uh, yeah he did. First by being related to him and operating under his nose for so long, then by threatening him in the garage, and finally by blackmailing him with the video.
The blackmail is the only thing there that is any kind of coercion, but Hank was doing things the wrong way well before that.

You say Hank would have been suspended or taken off the case. Good, that's what should have happened! Maybe then he'd still be alive, and maybe then the case might have actually been solved with what evidence he did present. Looking at the way things are going, it doesn't look like there's going to be any legitimate justice that's going to be served up anyways. And I bet a lot of what they had against Walt probably wasn't even admissible because of their methods.

Hank could have chosen to go to the DEA at first, but it probably would have meant that Walt got away with it and it definitely would have ruined Hank's career
I don't understand this, how would it ruin his career if Walt gets away with it? Like if there isn't good evidence for it, how does that equate to the end of his career? Because it's a bad accusation? The career-ending stuff was always tied in to him being closely related to an actual drug dealer, not just falsely accusing someone of being one.
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