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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

@Bob - IIRC, someone in a past thread compared screencaps from the end of TVH against the Shane Johnson photos and even though the text in okudagrams were unintelligible screencap, the HD gave *just* enough resolution to compare the length of the text. Wish I could remember the thread, but it was conclusively determined that the portion that said "transwarp" in Shane Johnson's book COULD NOT have said transwarp in TVH. Likely, it only said warp.

In universe, since Excelsior was the prototype for Transwarp in TSFS, and TVH was so recent, it seems unlikely that the older type ships could have been retrofitted with the transwarp technology yet. Perhaps by the time TUC, but not by TVH, so it makes sense that it the Ent-A only has conventional warp at this point.
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