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Re: STiD, Kirk and the Abrams Team

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I wonder, why are you sharing these? This is not a snide remark, I'm just curious as to what you wish for us to do with them. Discuss them?
Absolutely discuss them. They are from Trek fans on another board. Any agreement/disagreement? So far people acknowledge that perhaps STiD has more redeemable qualities than first thought, which is good.

In TOS, the moral was often whammed into your face with a healthy side of phaser action.
I agree. It was ham-handed most of the time. Was this the case at all with STiD?

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Yea I read that, but, if you don't want the quotes challenged, why post them?
I do want them challenged. Or agree.

Some on the STiD creative team indeed were fans. Abrams was not, however. And he's steering the ship, after all.
Ah, OK. the way you replied "To be fair, I'm just quoting someone else" seemed like you were offended that I asked if that was bit about the screenplay writer(s) having to be forced to watch some Trek was true. Sorry about that
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