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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Not really. It's called "actions have consequences." Remember, this was all sparked by Walt poisoning a child. Jesse finding out about that is what set him off and put him with Hank. Again: it's all traced back to Walt.
Of course actions have consequences, but people also have free will, they're not just some pawns in a void. Walter wasn't forcing Jesse into taking revenge by poisoning Brock, and he wasn't forcing Hank into starting up his rogue investigation. And Skyler had the choice way back to turn Walt in instead of being complicit. All of these people made their own terrible decisions that led to the shitty situation that is currently going on. They're each responsible for it in their own way if you're going to start talking about what contributes toward bringing things to where they are. Yes, Walt originally sparked the whole thing, but so many people have aided in the whole scheme that with the kind of responsibility that you're talking about you can start throwing blame around like nothing.

Wow, that is some Heisenbergian blame-shifting, there!
No, it's the truth. Walter is certainly not good, and there's no denying that. But let's not pretend that Jesse is some sort of saint or good guy. Jesse fucks up a lot of things. He is a fuck up. Everyone that he's ever partnered with ends up screwed over, hurt, or even dead. Hank is just the latest on that list. Hank messed up by letting his ambition get the best of him and letting Jesse work so close to him. Jesse was unstable, and as soon as the sting went awry, he should have listened to Gomez and just brought him in. I'm surprised Gomez went along with a lot of Hank's crap, to be honest.

These guys weren't in it for justice or "doing the right thing", they were in it for revenge. They were in it because of pride or because their egos were hurt. Jesse spitting in Walt's face, or Hank punching him in the garage showed that it was all too personal at that point. These guys were kinda making their own bed with some of these decisions, and some of that is on them. Just because Walt is a total douche doesn't absolve them of any subsequent douchiness.

You're basically saying Hank had it coming because he didn't take Walt's threat seriously. He absolutely did take it seriously, that's why he and Gomez went into it armed. They just had no idea Walt had a gang of murderous neo-Nazis in his back pocket.
Didn't Jesse tell them the whole story? It would seem pertinent that they should know that he has some form of brutal allies...

If Jesse didn't tell Hank about them, then that's just another reason why Jesse is a fuck up.
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