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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Somehow I thought that cake was blueberry with a soft marzipan filling -go figure

Went to the record-shop today (there's only one in town afaik) -but all I found was an empty store! It didn't even have a we've moved-poster in the window

Looked up the shop on my phone, only to find a number of error-messages instead of a functioning homepage

Bought a box of some Asian food for lunch and went home...

Once at home it only took me a few seconds to find an old article on an obscure audiophile-site: the shop had moved to a location that is actually closer (than 15 minutes on foot) to where I live *happy dance-emoticon here*

Didn't find any vinyl I couldn't live without and they didn't have the CD I came for so I had them order one home. They then informed me that, according to their earlier business with the very same label, there was a twenty percent chance that they'd actually ever receive it...

Oh well, if they haven't got it in a couple of weeks I'll just have to order it home myself (I know I can do so from Amazon).

Got some groceries on my way home, and a lot of olives (for nibbles).

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