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Re: Your top 10 moments...

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In no special order.

The Klingon intro in TMP.

The crash of the Enterprise D in Generations.

The Enterprise rising up from behind the Reliant in TWOK ready to fire.

The Vengeance not only chasing the Enterprise down at warp but blowing her right out of warp as well very violently.

The stealing of the Enterprise in Star Trek III.

The destruction of the Enterprise in Star Trek III.

Lily Sloane standing up to Picard in First Contact.

The phaser battle on the Narada.

The fight on Kronos in Into Darkness.

The torpedo going though the saucer section in Star Trek IV.

Of course such a list can does change from time to time.
The Klingon intro in TMP, another contender to reshuffle my list, superb music and camera angles. Those D7's didn't feature enough in the TOS movies, I love the design of them, had a die cast model that fired discs when I was a kid, hope we see them in action in ST3.

Enterprise D crash - brilliant use of models, that lends a realistic edge to the scene which still holds up very well considering its almost 20 years old
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