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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

Wow. That was a completely devastating episode.

I knew going into the episode Gomie and Hank were goners, and while it's a pity we didn't actually see Gomie's death, Hank's final moments perfectly defined his character. He knew he was going to die and simply accepted his fate.

And yet, that was just the beginning.

Walt's family is in complete shambles despite his ever last effort to keep it all together. Like others have already said, I thought the tragedy was going to be coupled even further with Walt Jr. accidentally being stabbed trying to defend his mother. But the worst gut-wrenching blow was Walt's spontaneous kidnapping, a moment I fully expected the episode to end on (and was the second episode in a row I expected to end earlier than it did, following last week's episode with Walt ending his phone call with Jack).

Of course, the ending we got, like last week, was even better than that emotional climax. It's better not to have the viewers think Walt has Holly long-term when he ultimately relinquished quickly. Not that that makes up for Walt's heinous act, nor does his anger-filled phone call where he attempts to make Skyler look like the victim in the eyes of the police, but it's good that the writers choose not to mislead us in that direction for very long. Aside from the impending rescue mission (if that's what it truly is), that was probably Walt's final act of goodness (if you can call it that).

I need more Breaking Bad. Right. NOW.
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