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As blasphemous as this may sound it could be something to see TAS re-animated. I don't mean with cgi a la Star Wars: Clone Wars. I mean very much in the original style with proper fluid animation where characters and ships and things actual move properly and with far, far fewer static shots. A lot of TAS as is comes off as something like a comic book with sound because there's so little actual.movement.
Meh... I'd rather get have new stories. I'd like the next Trek TV series to be animated, but with imaginative stories and decent animation. The reality of TV time and budget constraints would by necessity mean stylized characters, but as long as they didn't exaggerate proportions too much, I think they could get away with it.
But the point of discussion isn't whether there should be a new series (there should), but whether the original TAS should/could be remastered and/or enhanced.
To which my answer was no. Then I followed that up with what I would rather see, which you were free to either read or ignore.
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Even though TAS is releasable in HD right now (because it's on film), I'd be all for trying to clean it up a bit, if for no other reason than to fix some of the more glaring errors like people's uniforms being the wrong color sometimes, the pasty white skin, the pink Klingons, etc. (yes, I know this was because Hal Sutherland was colorblind) and at least trying to fix that thing in the opening credits where the Enterprise is flying SIDEWAYS .
Wasn't Scotty accidentally given a mustache in one scene?
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