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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I don't think it matters that Walt didn't pull the trigger on Hank. His actions directly caused Hank's death. It's his fault, at least as much as it's Jack's fault. As they say in court, "intent follows the bullet." Those bullets were meant for Jesse. They just wound up in Hank and Gomez. It doesn't matter that the "wrong" people died. It matters that Walt intended for people to die in the first place.
That's a strange concept of accountability.
Not really. It's called "actions have consequences." Remember, this was all sparked by Walt poisoning a child. Jesse finding out about that is what set him off and put him with Hank. Again: it's all traced back to Walt.

Hank is dead because he made the same mistake that Walter ever made, which is partnering up with Jesse. It's been a dangerous thing for many.
Wow, that is some Heisenbergian blame-shifting, there!

Jesse's plan of tricking Walt, while cunning, was really foolish. It was basically like cornering a certain type of rabid animal. In most situations, that animal would run away, but when cornered, that animal will fight back. If Jesse hadn't tried to lure Walt out into the desert into an unknown situation, he wouldn't have brought the danger upon them. Walter even gave Hank the warning in the mid-season opener that he shouldn't flirt with the kind of danger that he doesn't understand, and he was right, albeit for the wrong reasons.
Hank and Gomez did get killed by following Jesse's plan, but then he must have expected the two seasoned DEA agents to know how to handle bringing in one guy. His role was to lure Walt to the hiding place of the money, and that was all. You're basically saying Hank had it coming because he didn't take Walt's threat seriously. He absolutely did take it seriously, that's why he and Gomez went into it armed. They just had no idea Walt had a gang of murderous neo-Nazis in his back pocket.

Hank should have known better than to go through with Jesse's plan, but every major player in this show is too blinded by their emotion to see their goals achieved. I think Walt definitely deserves a lot of the blame for setting things in motion, but that doesn't make people like Jesse completely blame-free, and even Hank isn't exactly the white knight.
This is totally insane. Walt is the cause of all of this. The deaths of those trying to bring him down aren't the fault of the dead, they're on Walt. None of this would have been necessary without Walt becoming a drug lord in the first place.

No, Hank wasn't handling his investigation by-the-book. Yes, Jesse wanted revenge. That doesn't change the fact that they were motivated to do the right thing, which was to put Walt behind bars. Walt has very rarely been motivated by genuinely ethical concerns or anything approaching altruism. (Please, save the examples, I said "almost never.") He has always been quite calculating, working to preserve his ego, his legacy, and his family, pretty much in that order.

It takes an awful lot of rationalizations and wrangling to pin the deaths of Hank and Gomez on anyone but Walt and Jack. Walt did everything but pull the trigger himself.
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