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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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That would follow, yes. Does anyone have a good close-up view of the deflector area of the original miniature? It's possible they might have thought of this and inscribed an area in the top of the deflector housing to infer a core/antimatter emergency ejection hatch, like what is shown in the Jackill's version.
I think the only great pictures of that area that exist are from its life as the Lakota - and we can be fairly certain that the area was repainted when the add-ons were added, as the deflector dish itself was also replaced.

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I never really bought the story that Johnson modified the original 1701-A graphics, that entire section of the book seemed like a last minute addition that I'd bet on which not too much time was spent. Plus, the 1701-A's "warp out" at the end of TVH was noticibly different from previous instances and seemed to be implying that the new Enterprise was faster somehow. I think the original idea was that she had trans-warp drive, but as you mentioned, the entire concept was dropped once TNG began production, probably because as you surmised Roddenberry wasn't a fan.
I think the warp out is less an intentional change as a coincidence... but I'll concede that it's entirely possible that you're right. What I meant about the graphics, and what I've taken from the story, is that Shane asked Mr. Okuda whether or not it would have transwarp and Mr. Okuda basically replied "Hrm, probably. Why not?" To which Shane then asked if he could modify the graphics, and was allowed to do so. But it's also entirely possible he didn't, sure.

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I will state however, that I dislike how the TNG aesthetic began, through production necessity, to affect the TOS Film aesthetic in TFF, TUC and some extent, Generations. I realize that the many of the same sets were used for both productions, and it wasn't economically feasible to fully revert them to the movie versions. But when I see engineering in TUC, I tell myself that that is just the best possible stand in for the TMP engine room. So while I am OK with letting it be used for Excelsior, I am probably just as fine with a TMP style core. Due to the different production teams and agenda, my mantra would be for the movie era is generally to pretend that TNG never happened. Trek really was heading in two different directions around that time, with two distinctly differing visions.
Yeah - this quite well synopsizes why I'm rather torn myself. The only reason why, in the past, I've went with the TNG core relatively as seen, is that it makes for an interesting narrative and helps to explain why the ships last into TNG.

OTOH, we might conclude that the Excelsior (and Miranda, for that matter) just made use of TMP-style swirl cores, if it was later good enough for Voyager, and like you said, it was a good enough stand-in for real-world filming reasons. The Galaxy class might've invented the TNG style core in this scenario. Here, I'd imagine that the core on the Excelsior was of the swirl type, just fancier and maybe overall larger. Certainly does help account for the length of the ship, doesn't it?

Taken with the question of the antimatter pods, the Sternbach Option suddenly looks better.

Does anyone else have any feelings about this?
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