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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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And in my private continuity, transwarp WAS a success, and became integrated as the new standard in the TNG era.
Not necessarily that "private". I just went over my TNG materials and back in the late 1980's there was a fanzine that somehow had gotten access to genuine Art Department materials, including sketches of Andrew Probert etc.

Sometimes these looked like a copy of a copy of a copy but there are apparently genuine screen schematics from the bridge (e.g. Picard's command chair schematics) and one of those shows the Enterprise-D on a schematic that reads "transwarp". It's very reminiscent of the transwarp schematics from Shane Johnson's Scott's Guide to the (TMP) Enterprise from ST IV.

I will state however, that I dislike how the TNG aesthetic began, through production necessity, to affect the TOS Film aesthetic in TFF, TUC and some extent, Generations. I realize that the many of the same sets were used for both productions, and it wasn't economically feasible to fully revert them to the movie versions. But when I see engineering in TUC, I tell myself that that is just the best possible stand in for the TMP engine room. So while I am OK with letting it be used for Excelsior, I am probably just as fine with a TMP style core. Due to the different production teams and agenda, my mantra would be for the movie era is generally to pretend that TNG never happened. Trek really was heading in two different directions around that time, with two distinctly differing visions.
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