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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

Fascinating thread. I almost completely disagree with the OP.

The thing with Ezri is two-fold. One, when Terry Farrell opted not to return, they had a choice how to handle her departure. Two, they had a choice when it came to replacing the character, ultimately leaving the show sans science officer.

To my thinking, they could either
  1. Not Kill Jadzia: Promote her away, difficult since she's married to Worf and you would expect them to maintain regular contact, but might've been interesting for Worf
  2. Kill Jadzia, and write Dax out: have Dax's next host show up long enough to have some emotional closure
  3. Kill Jadzia, and bring in a new Dax (as we saw)
In scenario 1 or 2, you have the option of not bringing in another full-time character, but with 3 you pretty much had to. I think the creative team simply chose to take the bull by the horns, and we ended up with a pretty good character, who, I'll admit, was a bit of a distraction at first. However, they made her rather integral with Sisko and Worf's recovery, so that was good.

Personally, I think I'd have preferred the first option. It still also kind of bugs me they never seemed to have a science officer again, but then again they never seemed to need one, either.
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