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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

So there was a lot of confusion about Walt's phone call to Skyler and I didn't immediately get it either; he's very unlike himself in the phone call and on second viewing I could see what he was up to: he's trying to get Skylar off the hook for being a willing accomplice. It's all there.

BTW, at this point given Flynn/Walt Jr's reaction against his dad, is there any chance that Skylar and Walt Jr. would even take Walt's money? Because I could easily see them both surviving, running the car wash together. Walt Jr. obviously seemed to be enjoying working there before his life exploded. I'm not sure either of them would take any measure of Walt's Kingpin $$$ after the family split up last night.

This was pretty amazing television. So looking forward to the final 2 eps being about payback from Walt to the Brotherhood. I guess Jesse and Walt are pretty much secured to have an least one more interaction. To that point: this is a tv series about meth labs. Before it, my only memeory of meth labs discussed in popular culture is that they explode when attended to poorly. Does anyone else think Jesse's exit strategy (alive or dead) may involve blowing the lab sky high? I'd sure as fuck rather blow up in a meth lab than be tortured over a long period of time.

Flash forward for the final two? I just love that Walt still has nearly two hours of things to do. Most shows blow their big wad in the final episode, not two before.
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