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Re: STVI without the racism

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Prejudice against the Klingons doesn't really stem from racism at all. It stems from the fact they have a culture that celebrates violence, that has a proven track record of consistent aggression against humanity.
I'd bet real money that a lot of Americans would have said that about the Japanese too, ca. 1942.
Have you considered that the Americans would have been correct and justified? Many Japanese carry with them the belief that they are both culturally AND genetically (traditionally isolated and therefore pure) superior to Americans (try working with Toyota or Honda for a few years if you doubt me). Klingons have ALWAYS been portrayed as believing that they are superior to "earthers." The Klingons in TUC are almost totally different characterizations of traditional Klingons (i.e. Gowron) than we have seen before. Am I the only one who noticed the effeminacy of Chang? Where else do you see this in Trek?
"Some drink from the fountain of knowledge; others just gargle."
Also, I am reminded of the immortal words of Socrates who said, "I drank what?"

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