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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

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For a movie that is filled with nonsense & inconsistencies on the important stuff, they are pretty consistent and honest on this, up to a point. They tell you up front he has gotten the automation system going, and that he can finish refitting things or complete repairs to make her spaceworthy in two weeks. That all fits with Kirk's intent to go back out and his belief (in contrast to Morrow's) that the ship can hold up.

In all this, you've can extrapolate that Kirk fully intends to go back, otherwise why bother with all this rush&fix-it stuff?
Great point - perhaps Kirk thinks that he can convince the brass to let him return if only a small group goes? I've always struggled a bit with just why Kirk wants to go back. In the context of the film, it's always played a bit to me like somehow he knows Spock isn't dead... and I mean completely separate from the McCoy thing, before the Sarek conversation. And even after the Sarek conversation, just what's he going to do, anyway? We know from other sources that Vulcans have a place to put the katras of their dead, either memory walls or kir'sharas, YMMV.

But within the movie, again, it's not made explicitly clear what climbing the steps of Mt. Seleya, with a possessed McCoy and a dead Spock, is supposed to facilitate.

trevanian wrote: View Post
But there's also one bit of delusional thinking on the part of Scotty & Kirk ... the 'didn't think you'd be taking us into battle' part. In this Morrow turns out to be the one with his head on straight. In the movie era it seems almost a given that if the ship is going anywhere, it is going into battle. I mean, even as a passenger on a training cruise it winds up in battle. It is the ENTERPRISE. It is gonna wind up in battle, even if it is just shooting an asteroid in a wormhole.

Then again, it is just as easy to ascribe the easy crippling of the Enterprise to Bennett's bad writing. I remember a Trek novelist (the one who wrote the ALL OUR YESTERDAYS sequel novels) bitching about why they didn't have a real pitched battle before the stuff shorts out, and it is a very valid criticism, especially since you'd want more sturm & drang to offset the increasing stupidity that follows, like beaming down to a distintegrating planet and THEN trying to negotiate your way off of it, instead of beaming to the BoP and taking it over directly.
Agreed. If we ignore the writing, I wonder if there's a limit to just how much can be automated? Maybe certain functions simply require more than four people (I don't count McCoy) operating the ship?

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In the corresponding TNG thread ("Okuda timeline Canon?") I posted this:

"I have little doubt that Khan, who still considers himself to be the "king" of Earth, counted his days in exile (child's play with the help of his superior intellect) in solar days and solar years.

Also, Chekov didn't protest his "15 years" statement. Just this second an image popped up in my mind with Mr. Okuda taking Chekov's place and saying "Incorrect. It was only 12 years".

Khan: "Make that two [Ceti Eeels] for this character!"

And, for what it's worth, assuming they had intended 1,000 digits to equal one solar year, the difference between Stardate 3.143.3 ("Space Seed") and [1]8130.4 (ST II) is 14.99 years."

The 1,000 digits theory also holds up pretty well for the time that elapsed between ST III and ST IV. After that things apparently moved "south" unless we could assume 11 years between ST II and ST VI (Stardate [2]9521.6)
Great points... and I wish I'd remembered that thread before I zombie'd this one.
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