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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

Some great points being made in the posts here.

Chuck Finley wrote: View Post
I like that Todd seems to feel bad for Jesse. It should be I interesting to see if he helps Jesse and turns on his uncle or what. Great episode.
I'm not sure about that at all, I think he may just care about Jesse so far as he can enslave him to help him improve the quality of the product and impress Lydia. I think Jesse is on his own, there. ETA: Mojochi beat me to it.

Tom wrote: View Post
Poor Hank and Gomie, hopefully Walt reveals were the bodies are so they can have a proper burial.
Agreed, I was really hoping for that. If Walt was trying to do something to help his family, that would have been a nice thing to add.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
It could easily be argued that it was a product of arrogance, though. It's Walt exerting his control just one more time. Rather than let Skyler cop to her part in everything, he took that way from her, so it can be all his. If his legacy is to be a ruthless drug lord, then it is to be a legacy that entirely belongs to him, with no aid or accomplices.
I can see that argument, but I don't think so. I think that little girl looking for her mom finally got through to Walt. He started this whole thing for his family, and even though he screwed up and let his ego push it out of control, he can still fall back to doing something for his family. Which my still be an ego move, seeing himself as the protector, but at least it's not vanity, since no one will know.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Finally, an interesting visual motif:
Thanks, I'd forgotten that.


Though it seems more likely that Hank would have gone down like Gomey, it was good they gave him the scene he deserved. The contrast of Hank going out like a man to his own grovelling may have helped Walt decide to step up for Skyler with the phone call.

And speaking of stepping up, Marie has become a really strong compared to how she was at the beginning of the series. And I feel bad for her because Hank gave her that abuse and she just took it, and now she won't get to spend her life with the Hank she loved. But her insistence on doing the right thing by Flynn seems to have been crucial.
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