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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I like that Todd seems to feel bad for Jesse. It should be I interesting to see if he helps Jesse and turns on his uncle or what. Great episode.
I'm pretty sure it was all Todd's idea to torture & then force Jesse into servitude. I have to believe that it's all Todd's idea to still be cooking at all even. I can't imagine Jack or any of his other guys would be willing to run the risks of operating a drug lab now that they are all multimillionaires. What's the point if you're already rich?

I feel like the only reason Todd is still cooking is because he cares about Lydia, & with Walt gone, Jesse is maybe the only other guy who can help him produce the product that Lydia needs

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
I feel bad for Jesse. He is totally the Miles O'Brien of this show. He just gets tortured, over and over. He did the right thing by working with Hank, and all it did was get him turned into, essentially, a slave. The photo of Brock and Andrea sure wasn't subtle.
It is certainly without question that it's Jesse's burden to be utterly destroyed as a person, & made to suffer more than anyone perhaps in the history of television

The performances from the three leads of this show are quite possibly the most incredible achievements of anyone ever televised, & I'm certain that everyone, including myself, underestimated all three of them & their ability to deliver said performances. A one dimensional white ghetto punk stereotypical actor, a one dimensional stereotypical macho cop actor, & the silly doofas dad from Malcolm in The Middle. I don't think anyone on Earth could have predicted the level of excellence we've seen from these guys
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