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Re: Rolling Stone Magazine makes a case for TNG to return to TV

If they were to do a new TNG series they would have to do a reboot with new younger actors. The TNG actors are all too old now to carry a show and to become their characters again.

James McEvoy who played the younger Professor Xavier in Xmen would make an excellent younger Picard but I doubt he would want a TV role when he's quite popular in films. Alternatively could pick Paul Bettany or maybe a good thing to do would be to find someone who does mainly theatre like they did with Patrick Stewart.

Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory would make a good Data, he looked the part in the episode when he dressed up as him and would play the awkwardness of the character well as well as the humour, failing that Jesse Eisenberg could also pull off Data very well.

Billy Brown, who played Mike Anderson in season 6 of Dexter and has appeared in several other cult tv shows would be my choice for Worf. Strong, big built actor who can be very serious.

Sarah Wayne Callies would make a good Dr Beverly Crusher.
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