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Re: Shinzon's motives

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What proof do you have that the Starfleet and the other Federation worlds could repel an attack from the RSE?
They wouldn't need to repel the attack. They'd need only to survive. And what proof do you have that destroying Earth would mean the end of the Federation? You're the one who made the original assertion. The burden of proof is yours. Not mine.

AllStarEntprise wrote:
English is not my first language. I know I have bad grammar and I struggle to improve. I don't care what you have told me in the past.
Well, I'm going to keep calling you out every time you butcher the English language. Get used to it.

AllStarEntprise wrote:
Please produce evidence to the contrary then.
Where is your evidence that this would happen in the first place? I'll provide my evidence as soon as you can produce your own. As I said above, you're the one who made the original assertion. It's on you to prove your point first. Not that I'd expect you to understand that.

AllStarEntprise wrote:
Actually John Logan was the writer of NEM and those other films. Stuart Baird was the director of Nemesis. Check IMDB to confirm.
You're correct. Logan was the writer of Nemesis. But my original point stands: how does his having written other successful films mean he's above criticism for writing a poor film?

AllStarEntprise wrote:
Write to John Logan, Rick Berman and or Brent Spiner and ask them why. I did not write or cowrite the screenplay for the film. I don't have the answers you seek.
A completely idiotic statement. You claimed that Shinzon's hatred of Romulans took a back seat to his feelings about Picard after he became Praetor without providing any proof of this. That's why I asked those questions. If you aren't prepared to respond to questions regarding your points, you shouldn't make statements like that.

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