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Zeta quadrant stories
Where did you plan on the Zeta Quadrant being located?

Since all four "Quads" of our galaxy have been named, how about the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy? It's one of the satellite galaxies of the Milky Way Galaxy. It's about 10,000 light-years in diameter, and is about 70,000 light-years from Earth, so it's no farther away than the far side of the Delta Quad.

captained by captain Jacob Moore, his first officer is commander J'onn v'erga a half Klingon, half Vulcan male.
Fan fiction lives and dies (imho) on the people who inhabit them, while the location and situation are important, the crews of the Starfleet ships, and the people who they encounter are even more important.

You need to flesh out your personnel.

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USS Helix might be a Cardinal-class ship, but she wouldn't be the first of her class. USS Cardinal would be the first Cardinal-class, as the class is named after the first ship of that design.
While that is the norm, there have been exceptions in naval history. If multiple Cardinal ships were in simultaneous product, the Helix easily could have been the first commissioned.

A load of great valid information, for where the zeta quadrant is i think the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy is as good as any place for the zeta quadrant.

For me fleshing out my crew i have a little info on my captains history, he is an ex-red squad leader, ex- Starfleet academy tutor who taught Astro-navigation and stellar cartography, serving after his tutor days on the starship U.S.S midnight as its helmsman, then getting promoted to captain after 25 years to the cardinal class ship U.S.S helix.
info for the Vulcan/Klingon hybrid i can say that he is an genetic experiment combining the best qualities of two of the federations most interesting compadres, i sort of a amalgamation of worf and spock as it were.
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