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Re: Bizarre Simpson-eque Ethical Dilemma

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But don't people complain when they don't receive the services they paid for, and shouldn't some supervisor get suspicious or at least curious when it happens multiple times in a short period of time?
No, it's a pretty simple minded scam. People order their food, receive it, pay for it, and leave the store happy (usually). Then at the end of the night the manager decides that the store has made stacks of money and that some of it rightfully belongs to them. So they go into the system and randomly cancel orders. Then when they are cashing up there is $50 or $100 more in the till than there 'should' be, and that amount is quickly pocketed. Easy as, right?

Only problem is that the designers of the POS software have thought of this scam and so when a docket is cancelled it's not 'deleted' but rather 'marked as cancelled', along with when, who and why.

There is a report on the system that shows you cancelled orders - that's how I caught this guy - but not every franchisee has the nous to check it regularly.
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