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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

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We are then coming to the same point. The idea was so ingrained that no one even thought of it or bothered to pitch the idea? Not even D.C. Fontana?
I don't think Dorothy Fontana would have felt she was in a position to rock the boat and bring up things like this. In a way, she was in a somewhat precarious position too and had to establish that female writers are just part of the same club (a reputation for feminism probably wouldn't go over well in a writer's room in the 1960s). BTW, does anyone know if her decision to be credited as D.C. had anything to do with downplaying her gender?

That may well be yet fortunately that sentiment never got conveyed in a blatantly apparent manner.
Well, I would consider Mudd's Women and Turnabout Intruder to be pretty blatantly sexist. However, if the argument is they had ingrained, subconscious sexism, it isn't something you would expect to find blatantly, just in subtle ways.
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