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only today (Sept 16th)

Today Italian specialists try to righten up the wrecked Costa Concordia, a huge tourist ship that capsized 2 years ago. They'll pull the ship upright with steel ropes and stabilize it with airbags.
There's a livestream at:
They started at 09:00 local time and now (13:00) it's already turned about 15. Looks like it's getting faster, too: 10 within the last 30 minutes.

They estimate they'll be finished by 21:00 CET, so if you'd like to watch the work live, today is your only chance

The ship got wrecked when the captain drove far too close to an island because he wanted to brag with his huge ship. This idiocy cost 32 passengers their lives, more than 200 got seriousely injured.
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