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I have just started reading The Satin Man: Uncovering the mystery of the missing Beaumont children by Alan Whiticker.

The disappearance of the 3 Beaumont children from a beach in Adelaide in 1966 is Australia's greatest mystery and I believe that the author gives his own theory about what happened to them in this book.
This prompted me to look the incident up on Wikipedia. Very sad, I'd be interesting in knowing what his conclusions are?

I finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone, just started The Testimony
Finished The Testimony over the weekend. It is one of those books you just want to throw across the room when you've finished it. It's an interesting concept, and it'd be churlish to suggest that I like everything explained but I think he could have done more to at least intimate more possibilities for what caused it rather than leaving the whole thing hanging. Also given he writes from the perspective of 20+ people across the globe but they all practically talk the same way! Wants to be WWZ, doesnt come close.

Now relaxing with an Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware mystery (one of those books you;'re probably not sure who's the author and who's the title character if you don't know!)
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