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Re: Shinzon's motives

Shinzon's motives as executed through his timing could also be the subject of discussion. How much time elapses during the events of Nemesis? One week, tops? Probably a few days.
Dear Shinzon: Do you think your master plan might have worked better if you'd had a bit longer than a few days to stay alive long enough to see it through? Come on, dude. Or did he not know about his condition during the Dominion War?

Jesus. I can imagine Picard and crew laughing and in hysterics after this final mission together, that their final combatant was so incompetent... all together busting a gut on the bridge or in ten forward. But, no they decided to end it with senseless death and leave it a bummer of an ender.

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Shinzon is a ... second rate copy of Picard
I like the way you phrased that. And I agree. Although maybe third or fouth rate.
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