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Re: No Radiation Suits In The 23rd Century?

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This version of ST doesn't need stuff like radiation suits, they conjure up ridiculous ways to being characters back. Like genetic super blood. Maybe Paramount should ripoff the nanobot healing ability of the 2008 KITT so that whenever the Imposterprise gets pounded(in every single reboot movie) it can miraculously heal itself.
Seriously! What moron makes a movie about a genetically enhanced super human? That kind of shit wouldn't fly in Star Trek. Star Wars, maybe, but not Star Trek.
The genetic superhuman thing wasn't the stupid part, the ridiculous super blood regeneration was.
Maybe we should tell all the real scientists working on ways to engineer the human body to be able to repair itself better to go ahead and quit. Some guy on a Star Trek message board thinks it's ridiculous in a movie with alien/human hybrids, FTL communication and a human race that abandoned war, aggression and greed the moment aliens that looked like Moe Howard with pointy ears showed up.

The point I'm making is that none of it is real, relax. It's a movie, not a religion.
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