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Re: Kirk & Marcus - Next Film Thoughts?

Gsam wrote: View Post
just off of the top of my head I would say if they took the criticism about INTD lacking an original story line and have decided to go original for the next movie then I don't see how Kirk/Marcus is anything but same old, same old.

I would prefer that they go more character driven professional story line and skip the romance. They are not very good with it
Given that we were never shown any hint of the original Kirk/Marcus romance until over 20 years after it ended and they had a grown son that Kirk didn't know about, I'd say actually seeing them falling in love would be original. Even in TWOK it's an afterthought because they wanted to set up Kirk having a son and she's never mentioned again, while David is.

It would also be original to show Kirk in a steady relationship given that he's best known for falling for whatever woman shows up and they grease up the lens for her and then moving on.

It's the exact opposite of how they've portrayed Kirk and any woman, I welcome it.
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