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Re: No Radiation Suits In The 23rd Century?

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This version of ST doesn't need stuff like radiation suits, they conjure up ridiculous ways to being characters back. Like genetic super blood. Maybe Paramount should ripoff the nanobot healing ability of the 2008 KITT so that whenever the Imposterprise gets pounded(in every single reboot movie) it can miraculously heal itself.
Yeah, for real. What's next a magical planet where the character gets revived and aged at an accelerated rate till he looks like the actor. Or some machine that gives a character the ability to put someone's brain back into their head. Or a planet where the food makes someone live thousands of years. Oh I know, curing an aging disease they'd never seen before in the matter of minutes. I mean, that'd just be silly.

Good thing Trek never did anything silly like that.
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