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Re: Not real Star Trek

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Ever see a little show called Battlestar Galactica? Not the good 1978 version, I'm talking about Ron Moore's shitfest now. A show that cannot be put down or hated enough.
Gotta stand up for nuBSG. To my mind, it was infinitely more compelling than the old version . . . which never really appealed to me. It's practically the poster child for how to make a remake that is even better than the original. IMHO.
I never could get into nuBSG because of its "down-to-earth" approach. A show about people NOT from Earth (and as it turned out, 150 thousand years in the past), but then everything was from Earth. English names and alphabet, contemporary props, etc... . Way too weird.
That was part of its charm. Sometimes they went overboard with it, like when they started quoting Shakespeare, but otherwise the "down to Earth" approach is one of the more appealing things about nuBSG.
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