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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

OK I liked STID so I'm not being a hater but I really can't understand the whole business of the 72 missiles.
1. Why would Marcus (if he knew) let the 72 other augments (possibly valuable weapons) out of his hands into Kirks? There's just too much chance IMO that Kirk isn't going to fire all 72 missiles, that Kirk's ship will be captured by the Klingons, that Khan will get access. I'm not even saying this in hindsight.
2.Targetting - presumably these 'special' long range missiles are being used because basically the Enterprise is going to be light years away from their target. Then how are they going to aim? How can they be sure that Khan will be hit? Were they just going to hit the backside of the planet and hope for the best?
3. When Kirk told Khan that he was going to try to capture him (why oh why would you do that?) did he just broadcastit to the entire planet. Bombard every radio station or what - can they broadcast to the wind?

I'd appreciate any real or fanboy explanations.
The rest of the 'plotholes' I can live with.
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