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Re: Shinzon's motives

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Destroying Earth would nullify everything Picard ever did. In a galaxy where the RSE has conquered the UFP worlds.
How exactly would the destruction of Earth mean that Romulus has conquered the Federation? Earth's loss would be a devastating blow, but the Federation was composed of more than one hundred worlds. They would find a way to recover. It's not as though the entirety of Starfleet would vanish the moment Earth's population was wiped out.

And what have I told you about your predilection for using sentence fragments?

AllStarEntprise wrote:
Whoever Jean-Luc Picard was would be immaterial. No one would remember a man who captained a little ship from a planet (Earth) and an organization (UFP) that doesn't exist anymore. But everyone would remember Praetor Shinzon who made the destruction of Earth and set the dominos in motion for the fall of the UFP happen.
Once again, you've no basis for saying that the Federation would automatically fall with the loss of Earth's population. The idea that Starfleet would immediately give up because Shinzon destroyed their capital is ludicrous. If anything, they'd be more determined to take him down.

AllStarEntprise wrote:
There's no point in debating what should've been because it comes down to the viewer's personal preference over what the writer actually imagined. Trying to tell John Logan (Gladiator, Aviator, The Last Samurai, Skyfall) he's wrong to give Shinzon the motivations he did would prove futile.
This is an absolutely laughable statement. So because John Logan has directed successful films, he's not above reproach or criticism for presiding over a mediocre film? And if there'sn no point in debating this issue, why post in the thread dedicated to discussing it? You really are something else, you know that?

AllStarEntprise wrote:
Because he's a villain and he's moves at the speed of plot.
As does every other character in a film. That doesn't explain the in-universe rationale for what he was doing.

AllStarEntprise wrote:
I think his hatred for the Romulans took a backseat after achieving that title.
Why? Did his ascension to the throne wipe away the pain and misery he endured at the hands of the Romulans? Did the Romulans who pledged their loyalty to him remain so because he was the head of their government?

AllStarEntprise wrote:
Khan could've beamed up Kirk when he beamed up the Genesis torpedo. Khan wanted to kill Kirk and wasn't picky on how it was done. Such as ordering Capt. Terrell and Checov to kill Kirk with phase pistols. Khan could've done it himself.
Which is exactly what he should have done if he wanted to be sure that Kirk was dead. And it's Chekov. Good grief!

AllStarEntprise wrote:
However by a random happenstance the Ent-E happened to be shielded from the history altering effects of the Borg's meddling.
That wasn't random at all. The Enterprise was within the aperture when the alterations to history took place, effectively shielding the vessel from being erased itself.

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